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ADP Launches Voice of the Employee Survey Solution to Help Improve Employee Workplace Experience
October 19, 2022

New offering delivers data-driven employee surveys that better predict employee behavior, simplifying results interpretation to help employers act on employee feedback and sentiment

ROSELAND, N.J., Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Built on the deep expertise and data of ADP Research Institute, ADP has launched Voice of the Employee, a survey solution to help employers collect employee feedback and sentiment throughout the entire employee lifecycle – and make more informed decisions based on those insights.

Voice of the Employee by ADP delivers data-driven employee surveys that better predict employee behavior

 Today's employers face growing challenges to maintaining an engaged, productive workforce. According to ADP Research Institute, weekly connections between leaders and their workers can increase the likelihood of engagement by 3.8X.

"It's never been more important to create a workplace where employees feel valued and connected to their work – and doing that starts with listening to what they have to say," said Aaron Smith, SVP of global products and user experience, ADP. "Employee surveys are easy to create, but hard to get right. We designed Voice of the Employee to deliver reliable data that is more predictive of employee behaviors, so leadership can analyze results with confidence and focus on designing a workplace that meets the needs of the people in it."  

Powered by ADP DataCloud analytics technology, Voice of the Employee offers research-reviewed survey templates that can be quickly configured and customized to cover a range of topics including employee engagement and resilience, HR experience, new hire on-boarding and candidate experience, benefits satisfaction and employee exit. Native availability with ADP's HCM platforms ensures native access to all HR data, providing the ability to build and maintain survey audience lists and send surveys automatically, based on events captured in the employee system of record, such as new employee 90-day onboarding or internal job changes. 

Voice of the Employee also offers the ability to:

  • Send surveys to employees via email, text or ADP Mobile app notifications
  • Monitor trends in survey results over time
  • Benchmark results against local, global or industry peers
  • Broadcast alerts for company announcements, emergencies and critical communications
  • Engage other solutions within ADP's portfolio to help facilitate process or culture changes

Please join ADP for an upcoming webinar on October 27, 2022 to learn more about Gathering Feedback to build better connections


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