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ADP DataCloud Introduces First-of-its-Kind Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks to Help Companies Assess and Act on Gaps
September 21, 2021
Bolsters ADP's suite of diversity, equity, and inclusion offerings; Comprehensive solution named "2021 Top HR Product" by Human Resource Executive

ROSELAND, N.J., Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As companies continue to increase their focus on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, there is a social and business imperative to affect meaningful change through impactful DEI programs. To help companies root their plans in data and target their actions, ADP will introduce DEI Benchmarks to its award-winning people analytics solution, ADP DataCloud.  

Learn how to use data to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion 

"As organizations take a fresh look at their DEI efforts, they need transparency into their people data."

With an industry-leading ability to power workforce benchmarks, ADP's new DEI Benchmarks replace outdated, inaccurate survey data with "live" HR and compensation data from ADP's vast workforce dataset of more than 920,000 companies and 30 million+ employees. The new feature soon to be available is integrated into ADP DataCloud's DEI Dashboard, serving up the benchmarks in-line and allowing companies to compare their DEI metrics against similar companies as well as local populations through census data.

"As organizations take a fresh look at their DEI efforts, they need transparency into their people data to inform the actions they take and in turn, the difference they make," said Bob Lockett, chief diversity and talent officer for ADP. "Approaching what is an incredibly emotionally driven issue with a mindset primed for problem-solving can help businesses better define the gaps they need to close. Blending this scientific approach with the art of communication and culture-building can drive true change and lay the foundation for a more inclusive and equitable world of work."

Jack Berkowitz, chief data officer for ADP, added, "Until now, it's been difficult for companies to compare their DEI metrics to those of similar companies. With ADP's new diversity benchmarking data, they can examine trends across industries, geographies, organization sizes, and worker demographics, and make decisions that will have the greatest impact. ADP's comprehensive DEI offering pairs these insights with guided action and strategic dashboards to help companies track progress and achieve their goals."

The new DEI Benchmarks feature bolsters ADP's full suite of DEI capabilities, which recently earned recognition as a "Top HR Product" as part of the 2021 HR Technology Conference. The robust toolset addresses key DEI challenges for HR leaders including surfacing DEI diversity insights, enabling local action, creating an inclusive culture, and making change stick.

Each capability works in tandem to help companies assess, plan and act to drive measurable change:

  • Turnkey story-based insights: Receive surfaced insights into DEI trends across the organization, including glass-ceiling effects and bias in recruiting funnels.
  • Proactive recommendations and best practices: Identify pay gaps based on gender, race and ethnicity and receive tailored action plans that quantify the cost of closing gaps.
  • Embedded DEI nudges: Managers receive DEI insights within their HCM workflows to drive scalable action.
  • Research-based surveys: Implement surveys with psychometrically validated questions aimed to evaluate DEI concepts.

The solution's recognition adds to ADP's longstanding history of award wins at the conference, marking the seventh consecutive year ADP has been honored for its innovative HCM technology designed for a changing world of work.

"The power of ADP's innovation stems from its ability to leverage its unmatched workforce data to design solutions to some of the most pressing challenges HR professionals face today," said Steve Boese, co-chair of the HR Technology Conference. "ADP's DEI solution is a prime example, helping companies tackle the pressing issue of DEI in a way that's manageable and intuitive. We're excited to show this year's conference attendees the value this year's "Top HR Products" can deliver."

Winning solutions at the HR Technology Conference are selected based on several criteria, including their level of innovation, value add to the HR professional, intuitiveness for the user and ability to deliver on what they promise.

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