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New ADP Workforce Now Enhancements Keep the Spotlight on Companies' Most Important Asset: People
April 22, 2021
New Learning, Scheduling and Recruiting Capabilities Make Work Life Easier

ROSELAND, N.J., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ADP's award-winning platform, ADP Workforce Now®, is evolving again with fresh new features that can help organizations manage employees with ease. This all-in-one, fully cloud-based human capital management suite equips businesses to manage payroll, time, HR, talent, benefits and people analytics all in a single database. The newly added features enhance key employee-centric tasks and workflows like learning and scheduling.

New Learning, Scheduling and Recruiting Capabilities from ADP Make Work Life Easier

ADP Workforce Now provides businesses with an easy-to-use technology platform that has the ability to adapt as the organization grows. Instead of relying on time-consuming processes that span multiple systems, HR practitioners can enter data once and it works across the platform, streamlining workflows, reducing time spent on manual tasks and improving accuracy.

"ADP Workforce Now demonstrates how ADP is constantly innovating to meet the needs of our clients and their employees by delivering enhancements that make their lives easier," said Vipul Nagrath, ADP's senior vice president of Product Development and Head of Technology. "At a time when human capital management is so essential, HR pros, leaders and their teams want something easy to use but also robust enough to handle a diverse array of key functions with confidence – and that's what ADP Workforce Now delivers."

"The talent landscape has changed significantly over the past year as workers focus on reskilling to meet changing roles and recruiters navigate a largely virtual talent acquisition environment," said Laura Brown, president, Major Account Services and ADP Canada. "Career journeys have become more complex.   Employees need access to timely, customized and intuitive learning opportunities that prepare them for the future. Recruiters need tools that can help identify the skilled talent they need.  Employers need systemic ways to match the right workers with the right job and easy ways to shift their valuable HR talent throughout their organizations."

Some of the new enhancements include:

Learning Management
Businesses have a new, seamless way to administer and manage training and employee development across an organization. Virtual training modules have become even more essential during the pandemic, so employees can continue to train on critical skills. The natively built ADP Workforce Now Essential Learning module makes it easier to roll out training across an organization. Businesses can select from 50 pre-packaged courses (40 in English, 10 in Spanish) on a variety of workplace topics like compliance, personal development, health and safety, and diversity and inclusion. Organizations can also create their own courses specific to their business. Employees can access their MyLearning courses via the highly-rated ADP Mobile App, which tracks their progress as they complete their assigned courses.

Skills-Based Scheduling
ADP Workforce Now Essential Time Advanced Scheduling clients can use aspects of an employee's talent profile when scheduling shifts. That means supervisors can specify skills requirements for certain shifts and help ensure that they assign qualified people for an assignment. As employees' skills grow over time, they can enter new skills to their profile that make them eligible for a broader range of work assignments.

HR Dashboard and HR Actions for Job Changes
The HR Dashboard is a new central location for practitioners to view key information about their workforce and initiate tasks.  When employees are promoted or move to a different department within the same organization, HR Actions easily accessible from this dashboard let users customize the steps of an employee job change, including templates, workflows and contributors to the change. Having all of this information in one central location allows daily activities and HR activities to be completed more efficiently, and helps managers easily participate in the HR activity.

Intelligent Recruitment
ADP Workforce Now offers embedded compensation benchmarks that help recruiters build better job requisitions. These embedded compensation benchmarks provide insights into salary ranges so organizations know how top talent anticipates being paid for the open positions. Profile-relevance is another intelligent recruitment tool, designed to help identify top candidates in the applicant pool based on machine-learning analysis of the job listing when compared to factors like the candidate's skills, education and experience. Best of all, it's an intelligent model that's designed to learn company preferences and get better over time. Additionally, ZipRecruiter Job Slots are now seamlessly embedded within ADP Workforce Now Recruitment, giving recruiters access to more qualified candidates and to intelligent tools that help identify the best candidates for their roles.

Customer reviewers and industry analysts have also been heaping praise on ADP Workforce Now:

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