ADP® Recognizes Leading Companies for Transforming the World of Work at 28th Annual ADP Meeting of the Minds Conference
April 22, 2021

ROSELAND, N.J., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, during the 28th annual ADP Meeting of the Minds conference, ADP®, a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, recognized five companies who are leading the way in workplace transformation and employee engagement. These five companies, JAE Restaurant Group, Bank of the West, Camping World, CONAIR Corporation and Parkdale Mills, were featured during the two-day virtual exchange of inspiration and expertise.


"We're proud to work alongside these changemakers." -Debbie Dyson, President of National Account Services at ADP

Learn how the 2021 honorees achieved success

The awards are given to a select group of large employers that demonstrate excellence in HCM and champion workplace innovation. Narrowed down to five companies reflecting workplace culture, employee engagement, HCM innovation, resiliency and diversity, equity and inclusion, these companies are recognized for their use of HCM technology to deliver strong results and drive positive change. For the past 28 years, ADP Meeting of the Minds has offered attendees educational sessions, networking opportunities, an inside look at the latest ADP HCM technologies, and recognition of best-in-class initiatives. This year's virtual event provides attendees with trends, skills and inspiration to navigate an evolving world.   

"It's my honor to congratulate this year's winners on the inspiring achievements they've made following a year of such tremendous change," said Debbie Dyson, president of National Account Services at ADP. "HR professionals have had to adapt to unprecedented challenges, and in doing so, they've underscored HR's very purpose and its incredible potential to transform an organization. We're proud to work alongside these changemakers to not only meet the needs of the moment but to help businesses emerge ahead."

Culture at Work Award Winner: JAE Restaurant Group 
This award honors an organization that deploys programs that drive sustained employee engagement through a dynamic, best-in-class workplace culture. JAE Restaurant Group is committed to being an employer of choice and has used ADP Vantage HCM® to drive communication and engagement across their organization. JAE's collaboration with ADP has allowed for seamless integrations of early and flexible pay capabilities, which has made a positive impact on employees' financial well-being. By tracking the impact of the changes they were implementing through ADP® DataCloud, they saw their overall strategy was driving down labor costs. By reducing labor costs and fostering a culture of engagement, they have been able to navigate the impact of the pandemic and do more for their employees.

Humanity at Work Award Winner: Bank of the West
This award distinguishes an organization that has developed a workplace environment where diversity and inclusion are embraced and recognized. Flexing and changing to meet the needs of their business, employees and community, Bank of the West is committed to building a culture that values differences. Their culture of collaboration is centered on the belief that each team member makes a difference. By celebrating different cultures, lifestyles, experiences, and ideas, they have created an environment in which every employee and customer feels welcomed and appreciated. Leveraging ADP's HCM solutions, Bank of the West has vaulted success in showing their employees they are seeking best practices as well as best in class technology to recruit and retain talent and build a culture of inclusion.

Innovation at Work Award Winner: Camping World
This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated a commitment to driving workplace innovation. With innovation core to its success, Camping World has leveraged data-driven insights to power its decision-making and drive business results. While achieving impressive RV sales month after month, they have been able to support the acquisition of an outstanding number of businesses, while sustaining a culture of self-service through mobile HCM solutions. Leveraging ADP technology, they have provided their workforce with a great user experience through self-service and paperless automation, as well as their managers and administrators with access to data analytics and tools to monitor compliance.

People at Work Award Winner: CONAIR Corporation 
This award showcases an organization that encourages its people to thrive in the face of HCM transformation, resulting in improved efficiencies and/or saved resources. CONAIR understands the needs of their people and sought to implement talent solutions to help streamline internal processes and build efficiencies. In collaboration with ADP, CONAIR automated its performance and compensation management operations, enabling teams to focus on strategic business goals and relieving administrative burdens. CONAIR additionally automated its benefits enrollment and time tracking capabilities, further empowering employee self-service. Through one single, integrated HCM system, CONAIR has streamlined procedures, saved time, and eliminated redundancies, elevating the focus of their teams.

Resiliency at Work Award Winner: Parkdale Mills 
This award features an organization that has demonstrated incredible organizational agility in the changing world of work. One of the largest providers of spun yarn in the world, Parkdale Mills faced a significant challenge at the onset of the pandemic, when demands for textiles plummeted. Parkdale divisions quickly transitioned to producing PPE supplies, bringing thousands of textile workers back to work and responding to the nation's essential need. To manage the transition with their workforce, they relied heavily on ADP's consistent stream of communications regarding COVID-19. ADP's Employer Preparedness Toolkit gave Parkdale information that helped them navigate the overall effect on their workforce, understand the latest legislative updates and potential tax savings opportunities, as well as a COVID-19 employee communication toolkit. Within a matter of weeks, ADP offered an automated process which allowed Parkdale to participate in the Employer Social Security Tax Deferral program for both Parkdale Mills and US Cotton.

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