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ADP Ventures Invests in Worky to Enhance Workforce Management Solutions for Latin American Small Businesses

ADP, a global leader in workforce management solutions, today announced its latest venture investment in Worky, a comprehensive HR software and payroll platform serving Mexican and Latin American small businesses.

The investment by ADP Ventures, underscores ADP's commitment to revolutionizing workforce management by addressing the unique needs of small businesses and international markets. “We look forward to working with Maya and the Worky management team to bring HCM innovation to Mexico and help to grow their client size”, said Maria Moreno, ADP DVP of Strategy & Business Development. Worky offers an all-encompassing solution that integrates employee management processes into a single, digital, and automated system. Its Zentric payroll engine is designed for error-free payroll processing, mitigating the risk of fines, and facilitating seamless HR operations. Worky’s modular design enables customization to suit the diverse requirements of small businesses, reflecting its agility and user-centric approach.

Catering primarily to small businesses throughout Mexico, Worky’s services support the growing trend of digital transformation in workforce management.  Its collaboration with ADP signifies a strategic move to address the global demand for comprehensive and flexible workforce solutions, particularly in emerging markets.

As businesses worldwide navigate the challenges of remote and flexible working arrangements, Worky is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses by offering a one-stop solution for HR and payroll needs.