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Over 100,000 Businesses Rely on ADP Workforce Management Solutions as Changing Environment Creates Accelerated Need for Time, Attendance and Scheduling Tools
July 13, 2021
ADP hits new milestone with fully mobile workforce management solution

ROSELAND, N.J., July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ADP, a leading global technology company providing HCM solutions, has reached a significant business milestone thanks to recent innovations like collaborative scheduling for smaller businesses and the extension of a fully mobile solution for larger companies outside the U.S. ADP has just expanded its workforce management (WFM) client base to more than 100,000 clients, helping businesses of all sizes respond to the constantly changing needs of their workforce with enhanced skills-based scheduling and AI-enabled forecasting.

ADP's Workforce Management tools help to support businesses of all sizes as they navigate business challenges

"This milestone reinforces how the depth of our workforce management experience continually delivers value to our clients," said David Palmieri, ADP's division vice president and general manager. "As one of the largest workforce management companies in the world, ADP has worked for more than 70 years with everyone from small local businesses to multinational corporations to help them save time and money."

The current climate has made it more difficult, particularly for small businesses, to find talent, as workers seek to keep some of the benefits that became the norm during the pandemic, from flexible schedules to safer work environments. Businesses that address these needs will be the first to land these sought-after workers, giving them an edge over their competition. At the same time, business owners need to optimize their staffing and operations to help drive their business forward.

ADP's Workforce Management tools help to support businesses of all sizes as they navigate these business challenges:

For Small Businesses
ADP recently released ADP® Timekeeping Plus Scheduling, a new product for businesses with fewer than 50 employees that use RUN Powered by ADP as their payroll software. Having time, attendance and schedule management all in the same place as HR and payroll saves owners time, while helping them to improve payroll accuracy.

New highlights include:

  • The Owner Dashboard – This feature brings immediate attention to tasks owners need to perform, while highlighting who is working, who is out and where labor is being spent. Unplanned hours and absences as well as overtime can be closely monitored.
  • Collaborative Scheduling – In addition to bringing schedules online to improve visibility and simplify maintenance, this new offering empowers employees to work with owners or managers to create work schedules. They can submit unavailability, be notified of and claim open shifts, and ask others to swap or cover their shifts for them, all from their mobile devices.
  • The ADP® Time Kiosk – This app helps turn a tablet into a touchless workforce management device. Employees can log in using Facial ID and can use voice commands to clock in/out, record meal breaks and review their timecards.

To see ADP® Timekeeping Plus Scheduling in action, watch here.

For Midsized Businesses
ADP recently upgraded its new Advanced Scheduling product with powerful skills-based scheduling capabilities. For use with ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time, these easy-to-use tools help managers get the job done, within budget and with employee satisfaction and safety in mind.

New highlights include:

  • New Skills-based Scheduling – Software matches people in the talent pool with the right jobs. Managers can indicate whether a task requires a worker with a certain skill, who speaks a specific language or who has a specialty license or certification.
  • Schedule costs – Managers can display the cost of the schedule. Totals are shown by employee, by day or for the whole schedule period, helping the business stay within its labor budgets.
  • Schedule rules – A business can define rules such as the maximum hours per day or maximum consecutive days someone can work. The limits can be enforced as schedules are created and modified to ensure the business avoids any premium pay situations.
  • Collaborative scheduling – Employees are empowered to claim open shifts, request to drop shifts or swap with others, and request to have their shift covered by another employee. Skills requirements and rules will be enforced when changes are approved.

For Large Businesses
The ADP® Workforce Manager product is now available globally, bringing the latest mobile and AI technologies to ADP's global market. With this array of data and insights, managers can take quick action to make their workforce more effective.

New and upcoming highlights include:

  • Intelligent forecasting – Enriched forecasting and optimized scheduling, including forecasting enabled by AI, help businesses make more informed decisions.
  • Mobile access – The ADP Mobile Solutions app is fully integrated with Workforce Manager for easy access.
  • ADP® DataCloud integration – By integrating with ADP DataCloud, Workforce Manager delivers insights from ADP's award-winning analytics tool. Leaders can see management metrics alongside turnover, hiring and other key data.

Recognized Support in Workforce Management
ADP was also recognized last month as a leader in analyst firm NelsonHall's "New World Workforce Management 2021" NEAT Report, which focuses on how providers are meeting buyer needs for workforce management solutions. The report highlighted ADP's deep workforce management expertise and HR/Payroll integration; the breadth of its product portfolio; its unique compliance and strategic advisory services; and its powerful scheduling, dashboard, and analytics capabilities for managers.  

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