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Employees Have It All in Hall... County, That Is. And Now, That Includes ADP Human Resources, Time Management and Payroll Solutions
July 27, 2016

ROSELAND, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 07/27/16 --

  • Hall County updates and automates manual time-keeping processes.
  • Integrates and enhances online open enrollment and access to payroll.
  • Implements critical compliance solution to help reduce exposure to risks.

The administration of Hall County Government in Gainesville, Georgia, prides itself on providing its residents, merchants and employees with valuable resources that enrich their lives. As the county slogan says: "We have it all in Hall." But it's the more than 1,700 county employees who, in large part, are responsible for the county being ranked as one of the top 20 employers in the Atlanta area.

That's why upgrading, automating and enhancing the efficiency of the human resources (HR), time management and payroll systems used by county employees has become a top priority for the team led by Bill Moats, director of Hall County Government Human Resources. Although it's a relatively new implementation, confidence in ADP® solutions is high and employee reaction is positive.

"ADP is the perfect fit for the county," said Moats. "Last December, we embarked on a very aggressive, four-month implementation plan and, to ADP's and our team's credit, we got it done! Our goals were to cultivate a greater sense of accountability among users of the system, improve compliance, and enhance efficiencies through automation. ADP helped us accomplish each of those goals."

"Supporting clients during times of transition is something ADP does very well," said Dave Imbrogno, ADP President of National Account Services. "We understand that it can be a significant undertaking to upgrade critical systems that impact employees and HR administrators. That's why we remain committed to delivering an easy, seamless, and integrated client experience that helps organizations like Hall County succeed."

Implementing all new systems in four months, however, was no easy feat, Moats explained.

"We all know that there's a higher opportunity for error when tasks are done manually," Moats explained. "We had too many systems that did not interface with each other, inconsistent time-keeping practices across departments, and an antiquated, finance-driven software package that lacked an integrated HR component.

"For example," Moats continued, "some departments were using paper time sheets, others off-the-shelf time management software, and still others were using an old punch-card time clock. There was no automated, consistent method for capturing, calculating and reporting employees' time or for handling time-off requests."

The challenges didn't end there, Moats said.

"We needed an integrated benefits and payroll system that would become the central point of information for that data," he explained. "And employees needed the ability to access their pay statements to gain greater visibility into their deductions and employee record."

But change -- even positive change -- is not always easy, Moats pointed out. There's always an underlying apprehension that technology will make tasks more complex rather than simplify them. Moats and his team encountered some reluctance, but are happy to say that users of the new solutions are very supportive today.

"Implementing these solutions was a complete departure from the way these tasks had always been done," Moats explained. "We knew that updating and automating these systems were going to bring about an enormous change for us and change can be challenging.

"Initially, for example, the Sheriff's department was skeptical that these new solutions would meet their needs," Moats continued. "But they were the rock stars of this implementation getting fully engaged from the onset! They have really embraced the new technology.

"With ADP's help, we also showed that the return on our investment would outweigh the challenges," explained Moats. "For instance, compliance is very important to us and we needed tools that would reduce our risks in that area. We showed that the risks of noncompliance were too great to ignore. Now, we're very excited about implementing ADP's Affordable Care Act compliance solution."

Moats went on to say that it was ADP's reputation for successfully delivering software and expertise that fueled such a successful implementation.

"ADP's reputation is unsurpassed," he said. "At the beginning of our search for a human resources and payroll service provider, we looked at five different companies. We're very satisfied with our decision. Throughout an accelerated implementation, everyone kept their focus and continued to move forward. ADP's knowledge and expertise helped us reach our goals."

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About Hall County
Hall County is located north of Atlanta with a population of almost 200,000 residents. Hall County was created on December 15, 1818, from Cherokee lands ceded by the Treaty of Cherokee Agency (1817) and Treaty of Washington (1819). The county is named for Dr. Lyman Hall, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and governor of Georgia as both colony and state. For more information, visit

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