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Small Businesses Can Improve Management of Wage and Hour Laws With New Mobile Time and Attendance Solution From ADP
December 1, 2015

ROSELAND, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 12/01/15 -- ADP (NASDAQ: ADP)

  • ADP Time & Attendance offers tools to help small business owners better manage overtime and labor costs, schedules, and paid time off
  • ADP Time & Attendance offers advanced mobile capabilities for small business owners, supervisors and employees to easily perform important daily tasks

ADP® today announced the launch of ADP® Time & Attendance, a new time and attendance management solution designed to help small businesses simplify wage and hour law compliance, help control overtime, help reduce labor costs, and increase payroll accuracy and efficiency. ADP Time & Attendance, an upgrade to ADP's existing time and attendance solution, comes to the market at a crucial time for small businesses as they struggle to comply with the federal, state, and local wage and hour laws that apply to them.

In a recent survey of small businesses by ADP, twenty percent expressed concern over wage and hour laws. Failure to properly pay overtime or misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime are two of the most frequently cited wage and hour violations, and the penalties associated with each violation can be costly. In addition, the Department of Labor recently proposed changes to overtime regulations that could result in significant changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, making complance with the law even more complicated.

"As wage and hour laws grow more complex, it becomes challenging for small business owners to properly manage their employees, stay in compliance, and keep their businesses running smoothly. And that's when costly mistakes can occur," said John Ayala, president of ADP's Small Business Services division. "Unfortunately, many businesses try to handle it on their own, but complexity often catches up with them. A time and attendance system can help reduce the risk of costly fines."

One small organization that already is seeing the benefits is the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce in Missouri.

"We used to track our time manually with paper time sheets, a process that was very time consuming," said Nora Amato, Executive Director of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce. "Now, having used ADP Time & Attendance during its pilot phase, I've found that our process is far more efficient. Not only does it allow for our employees to enter their time directly, but it also helps minimize user error and reduce administrative time."

ADP Time and Attendance helps small businesses:

  • Stay compliant through scheduling and timecard management tools: A centralized location for employer access to records, schedules, and totals can help simplify wage and hour law compliance. Special employee-focused tools are also available to give employees direct access to their time entry, schedules, total hours worked, and time off.
  • Manage time via mobile: By providing a mobile alternative to timeclocks, employees and managers can efficiently enter time, approve timecards, view schedules, request and approve time off, and clock in/clock out all via smartphone.
  • Use reporting to better manage staff: More than 50 standard reports and views for monitoring important information like real-time-hour totals, overtime, timecard exceptions, payroll details, and total paid hours can help business owners make better time management and scheduling decisions.
  • Utilize enhanced flexibility for paying employees: Through features like auto punch-out, automatic lunch deductions and enhanced daily timecard totals that include regular, overtime and double-time employers can remain flexible in paying their employees.
  • Streamline the HR, benefits, payroll, time, attendance and scheduling process: ADP Time & Attendance is fully integrated into RUN Powered by ADP® offering one place, and one sign-on, for small business owners to do it all.

Click here for more information about ADP Time & Attendance.

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