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Onboarding With a Human Touch From ADP
October 20, 2015

ROSELAND, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 10/20/15 -- Until now, onboarding new employees has been thought of as the end of the recruiting cycle, focused solely on the administrative tasks needed to start a new job. This approach neglected the bigger priority for employees and managers, mapping a person's path to success in a new role. In fact, a recent study by ADP found that only 20% of human resource (HR) administrators and employees, and even fewer managers (9%), feel their company does onboarding "extremely" well.*

"The first days and weeks on the job for new employees are crucial and make or break a new employee's impression on whether or not they want to stay. It is both an exciting and stressful time. The last thing a new hire wants to do is sit in isolation, wading through mounds of paperwork," said Anna Carsen, VP product management at ADP. "We designed the new ADP Onboarding app to address the more emotional needs during onboarding, focusing on employee socialization and helping the employee contribute as soon as possible so they are successful. We wanted to make it simple, fun and enjoyable."

Based on groundbreaking in-person and survey research with thousands of employees and managers along with conversations with hundreds of HR practitioners, ADP has listened and developed a solution that allows employers to engage employees before their first day with a personalized and simplified and more human approach to onboarding which is critical to long-term success.

"The onboarding process is an important opportunity to drive employee engagement, right from the point of hire," said R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research. "Companies seek an onboarding process that welcomes new employees to their organization with an engaging, consumer-driven experience. The goal is to help a new team member meet their colleagues, learn more about the company and get a jump on paperwork so they can quickly get started."

ADP Onboarding provides a consumer-inspired approach using social tools to help employees, managers and HR accomplish what's most important to each of them:

  • Employees - Value socialization over paperwork and desire comfort, connection to the workplace and understanding of company culture when starting a new job
  • Managers - Spend as much as seven business days onboarding a new employee. ADP Onboarding offers managers a responsive, time-efficient process that facilitates a human connection with new hires
  • HR professionals - Often struggle with a manual, time consuming process that is hard to scale. ADP Onboarding automates rote tasks allowing more time for personal interaction with incoming employees

Where prior solutions focused on paperwork, ADP Onboarding moves beyond transactional checklists with an emphasis on:

  • Turning Anxiety into Accomplishment - A structured process that welcomes new employees, even before the first day, so that employees are comfortable and set up for success
  • Understanding Company Culture - New hires want to understand the company values and informal work dynamics that shape co-worker interaction
  • Removing Pain from Paperwork - The onboarding process is now less painful so that employees avoid getting bogged down in administrative tasks and have more time to develop productive working relationships

More information on ADP Onboarding is available here.

*ADP Onboarding Study, October 2015

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