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ADP Health Compliance Solution Helps Employers Navigate Complex Health Care Reform Requirements in the United States
October 2, 2014

ROSELAND, N.J. - October 2, 2014 - ADP®, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, today announced the release of ADP Health Compliance, a comprehensive solution designed to help large employers manage the critical business challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the United States.

ADP is adding ADP Health Compliance - targeted at large enterprises with at least 1,000 employees in the United States - to its growing portfolio of compliance solutions designed to help employers quickly adapt to emerging ACA compliance requirements and avoid potentially devastating financial penalties.

"ACA compliance is one of the most critical business challenges facing employers today, yet many are unclear on how to manage it," said Vic Saliterman, Senior Vice President, ADP. "To effectively comply, large employers need to integrate employee data from the full spectrum of workforce management systems, including HR, benefits, time, leaves of absence, payroll and i9s."

ADP Health Compliance combines Software as a Service (SaaS) with rigorous managed services staffed by ACA experts who can help to enable compliance while managing all of the complex regulatory requirements:

  • Eligibility: Gives employers the tools they need to determine eligibility, including assessments of ACA full-time/part-time status thresholds and whether or not health benefits coverage has been offered to a minimum of 70% of the workforce in 2015 and 95% in subsequent plan years. 


  • Affordability: Calculates whether health benefits coverage offerings exceed the affordability threshold and allows the flexibility to select among applicable safe harbor tests.


  • Regulatory Management: ADP's ACA experts provide notices of coverage, develop annual health care reports, manage exchange notices and reconcile ACA employer penalties. This fully outsourced service significantly reduces administrative burdens for employers by supporting and streamlining all of the labor-intensive interactions between employers, employees and various government agencies.

Backed by industry-leading data security practices, ADP Health Compliance features rich analytics that can help empower employers to make smart, forward-looking workforce management decisions. The solution's clear, intuitive dashboards feature the new ADP Visual Design Language (VDL) consumer-grade user experience. The simpler, more responsive experience can help professionals who are not ACA experts pinpoint areas of potential noncompliance at the individual employee level. These dashboards offer business leaders-from HR and benefits experts to CFOs-actionable, real-time workforce management strategies to facilitate compliance.

"The ACA has transformed the practice of workforce management into a fluctuating system of checks and balances, and one missed step can be the difference between compliance and significant financial penalties," said Saliterman. "ADP Health Compliance's managed service feature is truly unique and can provide large employers with the expertise that only a leader in tax and compliance can deliver."

"In our restaurants, the vast majority of our employees are variable hour workers whose time will change shift to shift, week to week. We need to constantly monitor employees hours-12 months a year-to determine who is required to be offered health coverage benefits and whether or not that coverage is affordable, which can be a heavy lift," said Bruce Clark, Chief Financial Officer of Hooters Management Corporation, an early adopter of ADP Health Compliance. "Restaurant operators are good at running restaurants, but that doesn't mean that they're good at complicated compliance tasks. Our plan is to keep doing what we do and do that great, and we'll leave ACA administration to our expert partner ADP."

Since the ACA was enacted in 2010, ADP has helped clients of all sizes quickly adapt to emerging ACA compliance requirements. For more information on ADP Health Compliance, visit

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